When you’re thinking about a car that can go on the road and give you not only a great deal of driving fun but also usability, dependability, and flexibility, then the latest MX5 is the way to go. The creators of this particular roadster have done their best to capture everything grand about the original version. But what makes it so perfect in the first place? Here’s why the latest MX5 is a great choice for a roadster.

A little history

The two-seater used to be a British specialty, and the Mazda MX5 was the first one to recapture this trend on the British market. It first appeared at the end of the 1980s and hasn’t left the scene since then – and though a lot of competition has popped up in recent years, the original light, rear-driven car has come back stronger than ever. It’s currently in its fourth generation and deserving of all the headlines.

Same concept

The concept hasn’t changed; it’s still the model to which lovers of sports cars can turn to when they can’t afford the higher-end versions of other brands. However, it has become more powerful, and technology has allowed it to transform itself once again. It’s more powerful than its previous editions, but this extra power doesn’t mean lack of control – it doesn’t rely on utter groan at all. The steering is very smooth and the balance is perfect.

Compared to others

There’s the Fiat 124 Spider (its closest match) and there are others – the Subaru BRZ, the Toyota GT86 or the Lotus Elise, for example – but closer inspection allows you to make one simple conclusion: the MX5 beats them all when you take the whole package and run with it.

Its major advantages

The new MX5 is lighter and smaller than those which have gone before, and this gives great driving advantage. Drivers are confident when they want to push the car a bit, and the car likes to be exercised right below its limit – it’s truly a joyride.


Here are some of the main new features, which you can also view at MX5 specialists like Mx5city.com:

  • Compact dimensions, easy for street driving and parking

  • Climate control, touch-screen infotainment; you name it

  • Cruise control

If there are any downsides to the MX5, it’s its impracticality for families – it is only a two-seater, and can house but 130 litres of luggage, which makes it inconvenient for those who want to travel around with kids in the back. Of course, that’s not what this car aims to accomplish. If you can deal with the limited amount of space and are looking for a car that wants to take you on the road in a sporty and fun way, the MX5 is definitely the way to go.

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