Your car is your road partner and a lot of care and maintenance is needed to keep your road and driving days alive. The most crucial part of it is selecting the right engine oils for your vehicle. Before this, you will need to know the condition of your engine oil in terms of the level and the color. If lower than normal, then you need to refill it and if dirty, then you need to change it. How do you know that you need to do all that for your car? You need to check and in order to know the right time to do this, you have to consider the following:

Check a few minutes after turning off the engine

Checking the engine oil level when the car or the engine is running will not cut it. You have to let it cool first before you can check the level of the oil. This will help you to determine the actual level of the oil and where you need to refill it. At first, do not be too inclined towards checking the color of the engine oil. Take care of the level of the oil as this will help you to prolong the lifespan of your engine.

Check once in a month the oil level

Engine oilsfor different cars will differ in terms of how often you should replace them. If low, then you have to refill or change. This is because, with time will it will lead to the wear and tear of the engine parts which will necessitate you to replace the engine. You do not want to go at a huge cost of repair and replacement while you could have easily avoided it by changing your engine oil. In that case, make sure you check the level of the oil at least once a month.

Check regularly if your car burns oil more

If a car burns oil more than usual, then probably the oil level will go down as compared to a normal car. In that case, you need to check out this factor in your car to see how often you should start checking the level of engine oil. Once you determine it is lower than normal, shop for the best engine oils, as recommended by the manufacturer, in a reliable auto parts dealer. It helps to maintain the service of your engine while you prevent wear and tear of the engine parts.

When your vehicle is not functioning as it should be

If your vehicle has a problem, then it has a problem. The problem may not necessarily be with the engine but it could be the brake pads are not working well or they are worn out and need replacement. However, if it is not starting properly, then it may be the spark plug which places the engine at the center of it all. As a car owner, you will need to observe a few things if your vehicle is not as smooth on the road as it used to be. Check the engine oil level and the color of the oil to see if it needs replacing.

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