Toyota reserves an eminent position in the automotive industry by serving the innovation with devotion for a considerable period of time. By manufacturing 8.6 million units of automobiles Toyota became the biggest manufacturer in the world in 2010. In 2011, these rankings fall to number three. The previous years of Toyota Motor Corporation did not go very well with respect to revenue and huge losses were reported in the year 2009 and 2011.

Camry 2.5                      Buying a perfect car can be a long time decision for a lot of people therefore there is a very less margin for making a wrong decision. Specifically if you intend to buy a classic business class sedan, you will want to have complete assurance about the durability and reliability of a car.

A brief analysis about the interiors and exteriors of world’s top class sedan:

In 1982, Toyota Camry was launched as a mid-sized compact car. Since then there have been an introduction of 9 Camry models. In recent year Camry has achieved the status of best seller in North America. Greatly wanted in Australia and many Asian countries, the used versions of the car from 2008 having all the modern and basic technological and design factors is available in the used car industry.

A number of people do say that Camry 2.5 is an overrated car . The car is undoubtedly expensive but then it’s meant for the business class and it does have those particulars in the features and looks that make it deserve a high price. Anyways the classic Camry 2.5, Toyota Camry 2.4 and Toyota Camry 2.2 is now available in the used car global market.


The face of the car is dominated by a chromed grille, having fog lights and LED lights below. The signature arc rising to meet the belt of the car is still there to keep the signature style.

There is an aero corner design introduced in the interiors of the car which aids streamlining the air flow. An aero stabilizing fin is also used beneath the floor covers.

The meter panel on the fine simple dashboard includes a two tire trip meter, an ECO light and fuel consumption meter options.  You may find the just fine woodwork inside the cabin, not over worked at all unlike other competitive cars like Teana by Nissan. The entertainment and comfort kit of Camry 2.5 includes electric lumbar, DVD-AVN with USB and touch screen system, Bluetooth camera and side air bags.

Comfort wise the car has a limo effect in the case of the back seat comfort ability. The headrest of the front passenger seat can be adjusted down to have a better front view from the back seat. Other specifics are manual window shades, powered rear blind and the shoulder switches.

The 2.5L (2AR-FE) engine has a better insulation and a rewing output. The drive of Toyota Camry 2.5 does not need much effort. The car is a smooth operator on bumpy roads and the way it clips to an amplifying speed makes it an inspiring ride for all.

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