With the number of cars out there in the market, it will really be hard for you to decide which is the one for you. Making a decision like this is especially hard for first-time car buyers. If you are a first timer and are very overwhelmed with the number of cars, features, and models that you see in the market, this handy little guide can help you pick the ideal vehicle according to your needs.

Determine Whether You’ll Lease or Buy

First of all, you have to assess whether you’d want to lease or buy a car. If you buy a car, you go to a car dealer, pick your model, give a down payment, and pay the rest over an agreed period of time. Once you pay the down, you can already start using the car.

For leasing, you will be paying a much smaller down payment and you can start driving the car. After that, you will be paying a regular fee for the car usage (usually on monthly basis) and after an agreed time period, you will return the car. Car rentals or car hiring services like Car Hire Malaga are good places to look for these services.

Before you get a car, you must first decide which of the two modes you’d want.

Decide the Size of the Car You Need

Do you have a big family or a large number of friends that often need a lift? The size of your car depends on how many people usually ride inside. If you don’t need a big-sized car, then you can get a regular coupe or sedan. If you need a lot of room, then you’ll need to buy a minivan, station wagon, or an SUV.

Assess Your Fuel Efficiency Needs

Different cars have different fuel efficiency, meaning the rate at which fuel is consumed. This is measured by MPG or miles per gallon. Obviously, the lesser the amount of gas used per mile driven, the more fuel-efficient your car is. If you have a tight budget for gas, then you’ll really need to compute MPG before you purchase or lease your car. If you have a loose budget, then you don’t really need to get a fuel-efficient car.

Choose Manual or Automatic

Lastly, you have to choose whether you want a manual transmission or an automatic transmission car. Both have their own respective pros and cons. You just have to make a decision based on your driving capacity and your driving style. Typically, stick shift cars are harder to drive but better for car control while automatic transmission cars are easier to drive but don’t provide total car control. The choice all depends on your own preference.


Before you buy your car, always remember these four tips when making your choice. Deciding which car you’re going to buy is a big thing and you need to choose carefully. You’ll be using the car for a very long time so you might as well get something that suits you.

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