When you live in a city that has too bumpy and narrow streets, and tight packed traffic to push through, you need to drive a vehicle that is going to give you ease to drive even in such a messy situation. Small vehicles are always preferred for smooth driving in such conditions. And considering all these issues, Tata Indica Vista is one perfect choice for those who prefer spacious hatchback vehicles. Well designed, powerfully built and well bolstered – all these keywords are not even enough to describe this car’s superiority.

Let’s look at the car with a car lover’s perception.



The vista on the outside is a smallish car that looks well rounded and pretty appealing. When you look at the front of the car, you’ll be impressed by the look the car’s going to give you. The triple barrel headlamps are unique, and they look futuristic. The radiator grille with the Tata logo ‘T’ embedded in the middle is placed perfectly. The wheel caps fully cover the wheels to provide a smart and energetic look, though you get them with only two top rated variants. The power mirrors are adjustable from inside, electric adjustment on top variants and manual by-hand adjustment in low priced variants. This car is fitted with ‘follow me home’ headlamps, so that the car headlamps will stay turned on for 30 seconds after you lock your car, for your easy home entrance. Everything outside the car is painted in the same color as the car, like the door handles, bumpers etc. There are chrome strips in front of the hoods, which gives the car an elegant look. And the chrome weather strip gives the cars a premium feel.


The interior is even better. The speedometer and the speed gauges are in the middle of the dash board, which gives you a good visibility on the roads. And dashboard provides information on tachometer, digital clock, and fuel level and temperature indicators. And the car is awfully spacious inside; you will be confused for a while if you are inside an Indica Vista or a full sized Vista. The driver seat and the steering wheel is adjustable, you can adjust their height. So your height will not be a problem to drive the car. The cabin light turns on even with the tailgate for convenient visibility inside in the dark. You get boot lamps, you won’t have to look for a torch to put things in the boot.

Special Features

The car supports iPod by default. For music and entertainment, you can just plug in your iPod and enjoy. Even you can control your tracks by the steering mounted controls, no matter where they are playing from. There’s a 12V power socket in the center console, you can use it for various device charging purpose or to light your cigarette. The cabin lamp won’t go out as soon as you close the door; it’ll give you some to seat neatly with rushing. And you get an infrared remote for music system.


The car is powered by two variants of engines, they are – Quadrajet and Safire. Both engines have 4 cylinders. The Safire engine is 1368CC and the Safire is 1248CCs. The car runs on front wheel drive, there are 5 gears and a rear gear. The fuel tank can hold 44 liters of fuel – well enough for city drive, or long drives.


You can choose either the petrol or the diesel version. Both versions are fuel economic, won’t create a huge pressure on your wallet. And the car is a value for price – you can buy it without much hesitation.

This is a Guest Post by Raj Car Racer specialist in automation design and blogs at autoclap and check his latest post on Lamborghini Aventador–The Most Wanted Supercar

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