Buying a car is one of the most important investment decisions that people make but it is not without its baggage of challenges. This process normally involves a lot of questions but that fact notwithstanding, the most notable and of course, the most important is: should one buy a brand new car or a used car? Well, answering this question rightly is just the first thing. One should also take time to determine the particular features that the intended car incorporates and the certain luxuries featured, if any. The reality is that new cars are irresistible to many, but there are many reasons why one would want to consider used cars (Brugte biler is the term in Danish). What are some of these advantages?

Lower prices are probably the biggest reasons why second hand cars fit in most car enthusiasts’ budgets. New cars can cost one a fortune but this is not the case with their used counterparts. What most people do not know is that they can purchase luxury cars at more wallet-friendly prices. The idea here is to shop around for a car that has been sparingly used. For instance, a new car may be selling at $22,000 when entirely new and with two years on the road it will sell at up to $5,000 less. In some cases, used cars will even sell at up to the half price of their new version and yet retain the highest performance possible.

The other advantage of second hand cars is that they allow one to take advantage of Certified Pre-Owned – CPO programs. Normally, these programs give even the buyers of second hand cars the assurance of reliability and quality. Conventionally, CPO car models are relatively expensive but they come with a number of benefits. Commonly, the selection of cars for this program is done by the manufacturers themselves, and these are particularly used cars without histories of major damages. Again, they are taken through a rigorous process of inspection in addition to being covered with extensive warranties, mostly extending those of the original factories.

Used cars are of wider choices, unlike new cars. Normally, new models come with inelastic prices but on the other hand, second hand car prices have a wide range, normally because of mileage and condition differences. For this reason, when second hand cars are concerned, users can pick from a vast selection of quality, well-priced car models. For instance, one would want to opt for a model with very low mileage and perfect condition. On the other hand, others may want to buy models with higher mileages but in less perfect conditions. The point here is that one can decide on the features that are most important and stay within the budget, unlike with new cars.

Last but not least, used cars help users avoid any additional costs. Conventionally, the price tags of new cars will always include the cost of transportation. Additionally, the cost of shipping and cleaning that are added by the dealership further increase the initial price. Acquiring a used car does not involve all these costs and therefore, one will be able to avoid any additional expenses. Again, with a used car being less pricey, the rates of taxation will also be low.

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