First things first: it’s understandable to be a bit nervous before your first driving lesson. It can be a little daunting knowing that you are learning this all-important skill for the first time. But all it takes is some preparation, and you should be able to walk into your driving school with enhanced confidence. So are you having your first driving lesson? Here’s how to make it a success.

Before your first lesson

Before you have your first lesson, there are some physical and practical preparations required. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before your lesson. It’s important to get a good sleep because you need to be in full control of your faculties – and if you’re tired or sleepy, you will not be alert and may find it more difficult to listen to instructions. Also, make sure you have a good breakfast. Food serves as fuel and will give you the energy you need.

It’s also advisable to wear the right shoes and clothing. For shoes, make sure they’re comfortable. Stay away from high-heeled shoes or flip flops, and wear something that’s comfortable and not too restrictive. Another thing – make sure you avoid drinking the night before your lesson – and of course, on the day itself. Drinking alcohol may affect your reflexes and make you sluggish. Also, don’t forget your provisional licence!

Know what to expect

Although each instructor may have different ways of making you feel comfortable, you can expect every instructor to give you some basic tips first, as Your Driving Academy, an established driving school in Leicester, will confirm. You are not expected to drive right away – you will most likely sit in the passenger seat first whilst the instructor gives you basic instructions. After you are comfortable and have a grasp of the basics, you can begin.

The basics

So what are the basics you can expect from your first driving lesson? Well, the first thing the instructor will explain to you will be the cockpit drill. These are the checks you need to do once you are in your vehicle. The first check is the doors – are they properly closed? The second check is the seat – is it comfortable? The third check is the steering position – is it properly set? The fourth check is the seatbelt – is it securely fastened? The fifth check is the mirrors – are they properly adjusted?

Learning the controls

Your instructor will also give you a thorough explanation of the controls and how to use them. These include the clutch, brake, and accelerator, as well as the indicator and the handbrake, and so on. Afterwards, you can go on the road. Of course, the instructor will talk to you and give you instructions as you go along, so don’t be afraid – and try to enjoy the experience as much as you can. Make the most of it.

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