Detailing a car may seem easy at first glance, but keeping performance alloys clean can be difficult. A shiny set of alloy wheels can really improve your car’s appearance, with a minimal investment. Here, I’ll share some tips on cleaning and protecting your performance wheels and tyres year-round.

Wheel Care Basics

There are many wheel options available, and cleaning methods differ slightly – but some basics apply to all wheel types. Always clean wheels when they’re cold, and work on only one wheel at a time. By cleaning your wheels first, you’ll keep damaging brake dust off of your car’s paint. Before using a wheel cleaner, use a jet washer or a hose to remove all debris and brake dust from your wheels and tyres.

After rinsing your wheels thoroughly, use a non-acidic wheel cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Heavily soiled wheels may require the use of a wheel brush. Use a plastic, soft-bristled brush to avoid scratches to your car’s paint. To clean your tyres, scrub vigorously with a tyre brush and soapy water, and use a cleaning cloth to get into your alloys’ contours and crevices. Remove any soapy residue with a hose, and dry the wheels with a microfibre cloth – use one cloth for the wheels, and another for your car’s bodywork.

Tips for Extremely Dirty Wheels

If your wheels are covered in brake dust, grime and other debris, you may want to consider using an iron releasing product. These products remove iron-containing particles from the surface of your wheel coating, neutralising caustic compounds, minimising wheel damage and making your regular cleaner work more effectively.

Protecting your New Alloy Wheels

To keep your wheels looking new for a long time, consider applying a wheel sealant. Apply it in much the same way you’d wax your car, and you’ll protect your wheels by keeping away dirt, debris and brake dust. These products are usually applied with a special pad or a lint-free cloth; allow it to dry and buff it away.

If you’re trying to keep your detailing kit small, you can get similar results by using a carnauba wax or a sealant you already have, but wheel sealants are specially formulated to stand up to Australia’s toughest driving conditions. We hope this guide has shown you how to clean your new performance alloy wheels, and how to keep them looking great no matter what’s down the road. If you’re reaching the stage of needing new tyres or just looking to improve the look of your car or 4×4 vehicle, then click this link to start browsing for top notch branded wheel and tyre packages at AutoCraze.

We hope you learned how to protect your rims. For more tips and great automotive advice – click here.

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